Creating a Subtle Out of Bounds Effect

The effect of images trying to break out of their planes is cool and it became known as the out of bound effect. Unfortunately it is not too difficult to recreate it in Photoshop with almost any type of photo. I’m saying unfortunately because this resulted in so many forced attempt, which made out of bounds overused and not trendy. Thankfully there is a new trend, which is much more subtle and it seems to be getting popular in graphic design. In this tutorial I will walk you through how to create this new generation of out of bounds effect.



Designer Meetups in London

I’m happy to announce that I officially started a Meetup group in London and I’m organising monthly free presentations and trainings for designers, photographers, digitals artists and Photoshop enthusiasts. You can join now and be part of the coolest Meetup group in London This group is the best place for Designers and Digital Artists to…



Creating Reflections for Products

There is nothing wrong about using subtle reflections in your designs especially when you have to work with product images. It is quite easy to add reflections where there were none in Photoshop but there are several useful techniques, which can help you to create them in a very professional and effective way. In this tutorial I will teach you how to create reflections for any kind of products and also how to work with images which were photographed with on shiny, reflecting surfaces.



Avoiding the Lone “I” Character at the End of Lines

As the designer you are expected to check the text in your InDesign documents thoroughly. Even if you are editing a magazine or book with hundreds of pages. How can you assure that at the end of each line there won’t be any unwanted words like “I” or a sentence beginning with “A” or “The” separated from the next words. There is a simple solution in Adobe InDesign to avoid these type of accidents using the Find/Change feature.



Pathfinder vs Shape Builder

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between the Pathfinder panel and the Shape Builder tool in Illustrator? Both of them are great to turn shapes into artwork but there are slight differences between them. In this video I will show you how to make the most of both of these amazing tools.



5 Best Free Apps for Designers

Smart phones and tablets became integral part of our everyday life. We spend a lot of time daily updating our status on social media apps, taking pictures of things around us (most of the time unimportant things like food) and playing games. Surely we could use these smart devices for something smarter and productive. Let me suggest 5 free apps that can really boost your productivity and inspire you as a designer.



How much can I earn as a Designer?

It is quite difficult to predict how much can you earn working as a designer, because there are a lot of factors that affects your salary. Another important factor for you salary is your experience. This is also complex but what mainly matters is how many projects have you worked on, how many clients have…


what do i need to become a designer

What do I need to become a Designer?

What do I need to become a Designer? That is a question everyone asks who is interested to work in the creative industry. Most of the time you will find the answer to your question is that you need to be creative and passionate. But how can one measure these qualities? And how can you tell whether you are good enough?



Prepare for Photoshop ACE exam

Have you been looking for a complete guide that can help you to prepare for the Adobe Photoshop ACE exam? I created a collection of useful links of articles, tutorials and quizzes. All you need is time and dedication to become Certified by Adobe and show that you are a professional Photoshop user.



Test your Photoshop Knowledge

I know how much you guys like to test your knowledge of Photoshop. In this 10-part series I will test your skills with some tough questions that you might find on the Adobe Certification Exam. Please take a moment to complete this 10-part quiz and see if you’ve got what it takes to pass our test! Good luck!

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