Photoshop CC 2015 vs Photoshop CS6

In this video I am going to show you all the differences between Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC 2015. It will be very useful to watch the entire video for those who are still using Photoshop CS6 or older versions and wondering whether it is time to upgrade and also for those who are already using Photoshop CC 2015 but never had time to go through the new features released since CS6.



Behance Portfolio Review 2014

I had the chance to organise the official Behance Portfolio Review in London this year. It was an amazing event with a lot of inspiring work and great vibe from all the creatives from London. Check out some of the work presented and meet the reviewers in a short video. Congratulations to Giulia Flamini for…



Top 5 Games for Designers

Gamification is a very smart and trendy concept, which makes learning about difficult subjects fun and playful. It is not an easy task to turn any educational material into an interactive game that is fun to play and still manage to educate the player on the way. In this post I am going to share…



Working with Grids in InDesign

There are many ways to align images and text to perfect your compositions in InDesign and probably one of the best ways is to use grids. There are two type of grids: Document Grid and Baseline Grid. In this tutorial I will walk you through everything you need to know about them from setting them…



Drawing Dashed Lines

There several ways of drawing dashed lines in Photoshop and in this tutorial I will explain my two favourite techniques. I will show you how to use vector shapes and set their stroke up properly and then I will explain how to create a custom brush, which can be used to draw with dashed lines.…



How to Use Buttons in InDesign?

If you ever tried adding interactivity to your InDesign documents you most likely played around with buttons. They are fairly simple features, but to make the most of them you have to dig deeper. Buttons and other interactive features of InDesign like the Multi-state Objects can be very powerful if you know how to use…

  • I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful courses. I only took one course so far and I'm very excited about the rest that I purchased. I printed the "Skills for Creative Professionals" because I find it very helpful. I desperately want to check all of the check list. Your courses are better than the courses I took at university where I completed my bachelors degree in graphic design.
  • Let me please express my gratitude for your PS tutorial! I find your courses not only informative and useful but also pleasant to listen to and view. I believe they are made for all kinds of users, pros and beginners. By nature I am quite lazy but your tutorials are made with a kind and easy attitude and warm energy that you do not often see around the Internet. You make me want to study!
  • All I can say is you are making me love Photoshop. There is probably many people who are brilliant at using Photoshop, however it doesn't make them good teachers, but this is where Martin Perhiniak SHINES! You are an amazing teacher, thank you so much. I love my media and web design course but without your tutorials it would be much more difficult.
    Jane in Tasmania
  • "Martin Perhiniak not only knows his stuff, he knows how to make YOU know his stuff. I didn't have a clue about Photoshop when I started Martin's course. I'm not a "design person", and Photoshop has always been just out of reach. Thanks to Martin, I learned enough to make Photoshop do useful things. He didn't waste my time with interface tours or background blabbery. Martin taught a practical, hands-on course, and I look forward to his next one."
    Bob McLain
  • "I've been using Photoshop for years and have never understood the full potential of masking techniques. Thank you for sharing your expertise in such easy to understand steps. I have been doing things the hard way for a very long time, so these newly discovered techniques will save me a whole lot of time! I am forever grateful!"
    Jessica Barst
  • "Martin does a really nice job laying out the foundations and his resources are incredibly helpful. I highly recommend his courses to anyone interested about design."
    Ogechi Ike